Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Since my time is running short in the Holy Land, I decided to go to different places in the City that I have not as of yet explored.  I went to some new developments.  If you would just wake up in this area, you would think of Miami Beach or San Diego.   The buildings are so similar.  Perhaps the architects all have gone to the same school.  I have pictures of two areas. 

Then I got back on the bus and went to the Ultra, Ultra Orthodox neighborhoods and everything sort of changes into black and white and baby buggies.  Even the stores are showing the latest in black and white.  The men wear white shirts with a black suit/robe and hat even on the hottest days.  The women wear a combination of  black and white or all black.  The women even wear something like snoods.  A fabric hood that bunches in the back.  Many of the women have to wear close cropped hair because of their Ultra Orthodox husbands and they wear wigs when outdoors.  All the wigs are the same style, so they are easy to pick out. They have to be hot, hot, hot.  The men wear a four cornered undershirt on the inside of their shirt which has a string on each corner, sometimes on the outside.  These four strings flap in the wind when they get in a hurry.  They also wear black big rimmed hats and even fur hats in the summer.  What's up with that.  Someone look up the reference in the first five books of the bible.  It must be terribly important.  Somthing we must have missed.  See the pictures of the Present and the pictures of the people wearing the clothes of the Past.