Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today there was a lecture on the Jewish Perspective on the Scriptures (primarily the first 5 books).  Basically they look at the covenant and law.  The way they study or refelect on scripture is word by word and question each word as to the meaning.  Where we look at the passage and see how we can either put ourself into that place or how that pasage is relevant to today.  Now I can understand why the Jewish people question everything.  This afternoon, I caught two buses and went to Bethany.  This is the place where Lazarus, Jesus' friend, was raised from the dead.  I use that passage a lot in funerals.  Also the home of Martha and Mary where Jesus spent a lot of time.  This is really one of my favorite spots in the Holy Land.  The Church is meant to resemble a mausoleum but with the Easter Light of Christ streaming into the Church.  You would not even know that you are in Palestine, this area is so removed from the city.   The pictures are of the inside of the Church and the surrounding garden.