Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today we had a lecture on the topic of Jesus and his Cultural Milieu.  The main focus was on the Sacred and the Profane. Also about impurity both Ritual & Moral.  It's amazing how many of the Scripture Stories deal with some sort of impurity.  In the afternoon, I went into Bethlehem.  I'm really beginning to like Bethlehem more and more.  Even though it is a real hassle going through the Checkpoint and all the people trying to sell you things.  There was a small group of Africans trying to maneuver through. They did not know English or Arabic, so they couldn't read the signs and were really.  I helprd them through and they found their guide on the other side.  Had a relaxing stroll through the town. Tonight we get to go to experience the evening prayer at a Mosque.  Here are some pictures of the inside of St. Catherine's Church and a close up of the the stain glass window.  It's a Franciscan Church, so I doubt if Sts. Francis & Anthony were there at Christ's birth.