Monday, July 26, 2010

First of all today, we went to the Shepherd’s Field. There is a beautiful Church there that still overlooks the shepherds and their fields to this day. After that we went to Manger Church and got into the site of the Birth of Christ right before the Armenians had their Services. Then we looked around the Church which is governed by the Greek Orthodox & Armenians. The we went to the Catholic Church of St. Catherine. This Church lays up to the Nativity Church. In it is the site of St. Jerome Monastery where he translated the Bible from many as languages into Latin. Then we went to the Milk Grotto where Joseph was told to take his family to Egypt. Than we went to the Market area of the locals. So many fresh vegetables and other items iwere for sale. Then took a break for lunch. Went to a few shops and walked through the Checkpoint. During our stay, it was interesting to hear the Palestinian take on the Wall going around the Palestinan Area. Had a very strange taxi ride from the Checkpoint to the Apartment.  After a little rest, we went to the Holy Sepulcher and had prayer with the Franciscans.  Because there were still so many people in line for the tomb, we had supper nearby and then went back and only had to wait a few minutes to go into where Jesus was laid to rest. The picture is of Jim & Eileen in front of the Tomb of Jesus and the birth place of Jesus.