Friday, July 30, 2010

Today we went to the Ein Karem, the site of Mary's Visit to Elizabeth. This town reminds you of most people's concept of a biblical town.  It is really a beautiful town in the Judean hills.  You have to climb a very steep hill to get to Elizabeth's & Zechariah's Summer Home where the visit took place.  There are Churches on two different levels. The upper and the lower church are quite different. Both are unique. Then we walked down the hill to the Birthplace of John the Baptist (winter home).  After that, we took a bus to the Western Wall.  The only remains of the Second Temple.  We went to the wall and watched all the people praying and getting ready for the Sabbath.  Then we went to some ruins of the South Wall and saw the remains of the entrance and exit to the Temple at the time of Christ.  These remains were just uncovered 20 or 30 years ago. Also you can see the Booths that merchants sold animals, etc. for sacrifice.  After a Lunch of falafels, we went to the site where Jesus was imprisoned and Peter denied Jesus.  There still are steps there that are thought to be have been the steps Jesus used to go the Upper Room, then to the Mount of Olives and then back to Caiphas & Pilate.  It was a fery enjoyable and prayerful day.  The first picture is of the Church of St. Peter and the second is a closeup of the mosaic where Jesus forgives Peter on the outside of the church.