Saturday, July 24, 2010

Today is the Sabbath.  Seems like we just had it.  But I was gone for a few days.  That made the week go by fast. I see on the internet and hear on TV about the Heat Wave that you are having.  Today was very pleasant in Jerusalem.  Today it was 84 degrees and the low this evening will be 62.  And that is with a breeze. There were even clouds.  I hadn't seen a cloud since the middle of June.  People this evening were wearing jackets and sweaters.  It's really not the cold. 

Today I walked the Old City Wall.  I had done one part the last time I was here.  This time I went the other way.  You get a different perspective when you look down into the Old City rather than always looking ahead of you.  I ended up at the Western or Wailing Wall.  I thought there would be more Jewish people there since it was the Sabbath.  It was pretty empty.  They must come at the end of Sabbath for their prayers. It's interesting to see how calm and mellow people are on the Sabbath.  But come Sunday it's back to the races.  Everyone for themselves.  It's such a contrast.