Monday, August 30, 2010

Today we did a lot of walking.  We took a total of three buses to get to the Mount of Olives.  Then we walked the Palm Sunday Walk.  We left from Bethpage up the Mount of Olives, down to the Dominus Flevit Church, on to the Garden of Gethsemane and Gethsemane.  Went to the Rock of Agony Church and the Tomb of Mary Church.  Then we walked the Via Dolorosa or the Way of the Cross being able to have all the stops including the sites of Crucifixion and the Tomb. They was hardly a line especially at the Crucifixion. When we went by St. Ann's Church it was closed over the noon hours, so we went back.  Got on a bus and came home.  The pictures are of the inside of the Church of All Nations or the Rock of the Agony Church. The church is deliberately dark to imitate the night time when Jesus was betrayed by Judas. Instead of using glass, they used Alabaster.