Sunday, August 29, 2010

Today we spent time in the Old City. First we went to the Armenian Quarter to get a view of the whole Old City.  We went to the rooftops and walked around seeing all of the Old City from a different view than from the ground.  Then off to the Jewish Quarter which is all pretty new.  The Jordanians bombed it in 1967 when they retreated in the War.  After going to the Western Wall, we went to the Davidson Archaeology Center where we enjoyed  movies describing the recent excavations and discoveries.  Then we walked  out into the area to see first hand the items described in the movies.  It was very interesting especially the steps that they found that lead to the Second Temple.  Of course we climbed them and looked at other ruins from the 1st century throught the 7th.  Then we went to the Mt. Zion Area where the Upper Room, King David's Tomb and the Dormition Church are located.  In the evening, we went to Mass at the Pontifical Biblical Institute. The picture above is of Mary "sleeping" before she was assumed into Heaven.  In the background is the Chapel of the Pentecost.  The Last Supper and all of these events took place in this area.