Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today we went to Jericho.  It's one of the oldest cities continously occupied in the world.  It is over 10,000 years old.  We saw a branch of the Jordan River where Christ probably was baptized before going out into the desert. Then we went to the Place where Jesus was tempted by the Devil. There is an unique monastery hanging on the side of Temptation Mountain.  We got there by cable car.  Inside is a beautiful chapel that commemorates the Temptation.  Also had some Al-Sultan water from the local spring which feeds most of Jericho. You can even but it on the internet.  Then we went to Hiram's Palace.  It's an unique place where you can find the famous Tree of Life Mosaic.  It is protected from the elements and is in wonderful shape.  The US government has funded part of the restoration of the ruins.  During the day, we travelled on a few highways in Palestine that were also funded by our Government. One thing about the Arabs, they do not believe in signs of any kind.  On the US funded roads are nice big signs of what to expect.  On the other roads, there are no signs, not even the names of the towns you go through. After that we went with the taxi driver that I use in Palestinian Area, Walid, to a restaurant for a typical Palestine Lunch / Dinner.  There were about 12 different salads on small plates, then we had lamb kabobs and beef, afterwards we had baklava for desert.  Very, very good.  Said goodbye to Walid and headed home for the evening.