Saturday, August 14, 2010

What a difference a day makes here in Jerusalem. The streets are quiet. A few people out walking early this morning. No buses running except a few tour buses. People going and coming from the Synagogues. I’m sure that the Western Wall is busy. Didn’t check it out this morning. After all the hustle of yesterday, today is a relief. If only it would stay this way. But come Sunday, everything will be back to normal. It is still hard to get used to Sunday beginning the work week.

I also went back to Ben Gurion Airport to meet my nephew, Alex. He will be with me for a little over a week. Some families coming into the Greeting Area have banners, balloons, cheering and singing. Others run out to meet the incoming guest. Some look like they brought every possible thing that they have ever owned. It’s all great fun to watch. It is also interesting to take a Sherut (a shared taxi, more like a mini van) from the Airport to Jerusalem. They are all lined up outside the airport and when they have 9 or 10 passengers you leave. Sometimes you even have to switch taxis before you head out. You never seem to know what part of town you will explore as someone is dropped off either at their hotel, bus station or even just a bus stop. And each driver is different, some real friendly, others want to get to Jerusalem and back to the Airport for another a pickup as fast as possible. It all makes life very interesting.