Sunday, May 30, 2010

Had another interesting day.  Some of the group from Notre Dame decided to go to Mass at a Melkite Catholic Churchin Bethlehem. So I joined them.  Haven't been to that rie since St. Meinrad. They are Greek Orthodox but in union with Rome.  The schedule was wrong on the bulletin board.  After going through the new wall separating the Israelis frome the Palestines and vice versa, we came in on the end of Mass.  We had a tour through this very small church with exquisite paintings in the icon style.  The painter was from Romania.  Had a brief explanation and then walked 40 minutes to the Church of St. Catherine.  This Mass was in Arabic. Very interesting.  Amazing how many people were in attendance.  This is the Church where the Christmas Eve Mass is televised around the World.  So it is a very large size church.  It was packed. Men, women and children were all in attendance and participated.  Even sang one of "Jennifer's" Alleluias.  There were 3 masses before this one. After lunch, went back to the old city and walked around through the Jaffa Gate and then went into the new shopping mall right by the Old City.  What a contrast!  The pictures are of the front of the School where I am, Tantur which means Hilltop.  The next is the view of the new wall and checkpoint from the School. If you click on the picture, you  will see the wall & checkpoint much clearer.  Tomorrow is the Feast of the Visitation.  I am orgainizing a little tour  of three or four to go there.  Hopefully I won't get everyone lost.

Congratulations to Coach Tracy Archuleta on winning the Division II  NCAA Baseball Championship.    You and your team had a great year.