Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today is Saturday.  Jerusalem is quiet.  It's the sabbath.  Traffic is down to almost nothing.  Tomorrow everything will be back to normal.  I went to the Church of the Dormition.  The place were Mary fell asleep.  Very Peaceful.  Jus around the corner is the Upper Room.  It's probably the most disappointing place in the Holy Land.  Then went to King David's Tomb.  One problem.  David's body is not there.  It has not been found yet in the City of David.  But then I searched and searched for St. Mark's Church. It belongs the Syrian Orthodox Church and they claim it as the place of the Last Supper.  It is a much more believeable site than the one that is visted by the tourists.  It is also said to have been the home of Mary, the mother of James.  The Pictures above are of Mary lying in sleep.  The statue is made of red maghogany with ivory face and hands.  This a German church so German Mary's are always dressed in red rather than our blue and white.  The the next is a mosaic of Jesus holding the baby Mary as she is new into the Kingdom while laying asleep amidst the apostles.  The opposite of when Mary held Jesus when he was new on earth.