Friday, June 4, 2010

Just got back from the trip to Bethlehem.  Wonderful.  It was not as crowded as usual.  First we went to the Herodium. The Summer home of Herod the Great. It almost looks like a volcano.  They think that they have found the tomb of Herod.  Very interesting.  Then we went to the Shepherd's Field.  So peaceful.  Could see some caves and learned a little about shepherds.  You have to wait for Good Shepherd Sunday.  Then to Nativity Square. Went directly to the cave. Nobody in line.  Spent a long time there.  It was very inspiring. Tried to think of some new decorating scheme for Church next Christmas but didn't have any luck.  Went to the cave where St. Jerome translated the bible from many languages into Latin, which was the main language of that time.  Went to the Milk Grotto.  One of my favorite spots.  Went through the area where the Palestinians buy their regular market items.  Very different.  Got lost and eventually found the way back to the checkpoint. 

One interesting event.  I was walking along the Mosque area and a car pulls up and asks if I'm from Indiana.  Of course, I was wearing the IU hat the faculty & students gave me.  They also were from Evansville.  The Duncans from the East Side.  Small world.!

The picture with the star is the believed birth place of Christ.   The second picture is a statue in the Milk Grotto. This is the place where Joseph had his dream to go to Egypt to escape Herod.