Sunday, June 6, 2010

For Sunday Mass, we went to one of the sites of Emmaus.  Along the way, Christ revealed all the scriptures and finally through the breaking of the bread, the 2 disciples recognized him.  The church was a French Benedictine Monastery.  There are two churches in Abu Gosh.  We only went to the one.  The other sits on a hill.  Most probably it is the one in the Book of Samuel where the Philistines brought back the 10 Commandments and was kept there for 20 years until the Temple was built by King David.  The Tabernacle in this Church is built on the dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant (the 10 Commandments).  That is the first picture.  This Church was built during the Crusades, in the 1300's.  Left in ruins and eventually restored.  The second picture is of the sanctuary.