Saturday, June 12, 2010

Today is Saturday.  Believe it or not today was a full day.  We had Class in the morning to filll out the discussion on Islam. Finally figured out some of the differences between their own groups.  The presenter was an Arab who leaves in Jerusalem but teaches in Bethlehem. So he has to go through the checkpoint each day.  He received his Masters and Doctorate degrees at Catholic Universities in the US.  Had lunch and went to a Russian Orthodox Monastery just up the street.  Very interesting! We saw 5 buses but no people. We thought they would be in Church. How foolish. That's because there is a very nice cafeteria next to the church, and they were all eating.  Another reason, though.   It even has a full bar. Here in the old Arab section, there is no alcohol for sale at the Arab stores because of the Moslem law. Then at 3:00 pm, we had a class on Jesus' Discourse of the Bread of Life at the Capernaum Synagogue.  This is in preparation of our journey to Galilee.  After that we had some nuts & bolts of what to get ready for the trip.  At 5:30, there is evening prayer.  Supper at 6:00.  Eucharist for Sunday at 7:30, followed by a farewell party for one of the Scholars who has been here for 7 months.  Tomorrow is free so I'll be able to do more exploring.  Have more for you tomorrow and pictures.