Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today is Sunday.  Went to Church at St. Mark Church.  This is also one of the Last Supper sites.   The other one is just a room.  So this is nice to celebrate a Mass at the Site.  Then I walked into the newer part of the City.  It was just like going back to the States. Except when you went into the Mall, you had to empty your pockets and got through a metal detector.  Walked around for quite awhile and just watched people.  Very interesting, since this is the first day of the work week for them.  They really observe Sabbath on Friday night and Sat. It is really quiet all over the place.  The Pictures are of the Shopping Mall I found (Nautica is the second store) and also right next door is the Old City Walls.  Quite a contrast.  Tonight I pack for 5 days in the Sea of Galilee area.  But first we go to the Mediterranean Sea and Caesarea and Haifa.  But we just had a change of plans, so we go first to Nazareth.  That's even better.  See you tomorrow.