Friday, June 18, 2010

Today was mostly a travel day. But first we went to Tel Dan. It is a nature preserve where the Jordan River begins. After all the desert we went through, all of a sudden here is this lush oasis. The water really does flow from the rocks. It becomes a pretty large stream as it goes down the hill. Then went to Banias or Caesarea Philippi. This the place that Jesus asked the apostles”Who do you think that I am? That’s because this is the place where many gods were worshiped, especially the god Pan. He is the god of nature. Then had a falafel for lunch at a Druze Restaurant and then went to the border of Syria. There is a DMZ area with an United Nations compound right in the middle. This is the Golan Heights. Also much fighting and arguing over this area, basically because of the water.  Went by many large military camps, seemed to be all prepared for battle. Then back on the road all the way to Jerusalem. The picture is the start of the Jordan River and of the UN compound.