Monday, June 14, 2010

Today was an amazing day.  We left Tantur at 7:00AM.  As I said yesterday, there was a mixup with the schedule, so we went all day and barely got to the hotel for supper.  We went to Cana, the place where Jesus had his first miracle.  Also walked by Nathaniel Barthomew's Church over his home.  Only opened one day a year, on his feast day.  Then went to Nazareth for the rest of the day.  Traffic was terrible.  We went to the Nazareth Village first.  I thought that it would be a real fake, but it was very interesting and extremely  informative.  We had a picnic lunch right there in the shade.  Then we went to the Basilica of the Annunciation.  Our tour guide for the week is fantastic.  So knowlegable about Nazareth.  She grew up here and seems to have a large family and a lot of friends.  We went into the lower Church and walked right into the home of Mary where the Angel Gabriel asked her to be the Mother of God.  Went to the Second floor and then went to St. Joseph' Church where it is beleived that the Holy Family lived there.  Came down to the remains of the first churches that were built there.  Then we went to the synagogue where Jesus proclaimed that He Is The One.  Went to Mary's Spring & St. Gabriel Orthodox Church.  Walked through the markets and went to a Roman Bath from the 1st Century.  Then something very unique.  Went to the Rosary Sister's convent.   Under their property, was remains that belonged to a "Very Respectful" person.  After year's of exploration, they have discovered among other things a tomb, with a stone that covers the opening.  Nazareth is a city of caves.  So many of the homes could have been connected.  This site is very, very close to Mary's home, so it could possibly be St. Joseph's tomb.  Had a wonderful dinner and now am getting ready to go to bed.  The pictures are of basically the kitchen of Mary in the Churh of the Annunciation.  And a picture of the tomb & the stone that covered the tomb at the Rosary Sisters.