Thursday, June 17, 2010

Had another great day. First went to Caesarea by the Sea. What a great reconstruction of so many eras. Mostly Herod the Great. Saw the Hippodrome or the race track. Saw many other reconstructed sites all along the Med. Sea. Then we went to the Roman Aqueduct. An amazing site. Quite a feat of engineering by the Romans to bring water from the rivers and mountains to Caesarea. From there we went to Mt. Carmel. This is where Elijah defeated the god Baal by lighting his sacrifice without any help. Magnificent view from the top. Could see a huge Israeli military airport that isn’t on any map. The jets were screaming by while we were there. Had lunch at a Druze restaurant. Had Schwarma. Very good. Then on to Meggido. First, they uncovered a typical tomb of the 1st Century right by the highway.  Typical of what Christ's tomb may have looked like.  There have been 25 different eras of people over 7,000 years. Walked the tel. Went down to walls through a water tunnel dug by hand to get water to the people inside the walls when the city was undersiege. Amazing how they did this without modern technology.  The first picture is of Mt. Carmel and then of the tomb by the road.