Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today we spent most of the time in class.  We had our morning lecture on Judaism in the morning.  I celebrated Mass for the community at 11:45 AM.  Had Lunch.  They fixed falafels.  They were really good. Then I met with one of the Directors for advise on how to get to St. Catherine's Monastery or Mt. Sinai, Egypt where Moses got the 10 Commandments.  And also how to get to Petra, the city carved out of stone in Jordan.  Then there was a lecture by a Scholar in Study from India on the history of the Early Church after the Apostle's death.  We always have evening prayer at 5:30. Supper at 6:00.  Then there was a talk on the politics of Bethlehem.  But tomorrow we are away all day.  I'll write more about that tomorrow when we get back.  The first picture is of the Western or Wailing Wall.  The is where the Jewish faithful go to pray.  You can see them standing in front of the Wall at the bottom.  You can see how immense the wall is.  The Second picture is from the southern wall and a lot closer.  I keep forgetting to mention that if a square shows up instead of a picture, click on it.  And if a picture shows up, you can click on it and the picture will be full size.