Saturday, August 7, 2010

The past two days, we have been in the Old City.  We walked the Way of the Cross.  We went with the Franciscans on their way through the Holy Sepulcher.  Then today we walked through the Armenian & Jewish Quarter, stopping at the Western Wall and walked a small portion of the Outer Wall.  Then when we were leaving the Dormition German Abbey, one of the caretakers asked if we were staying for Mass?  I didn't know that they had Mass at 12:00, only that they closed then.  So we stayed, but they had Noon Prayer instead.  It was a small group of Monks, but it was very beautiful.  It was all in German.  Afterwards, I spoke to a Monk and said I had gone to St. Meinrad.  He seemed to brighten up and when he asked my name, Kreilein, he was really smiling to hear a German name in Jerusalem.  Later that afternoon at 3:00 PM, the only time St. James Cathedral is open, we went for their midafternoon prayer.  So it was a full day.  Tomorrow, we leave for the Sea of Galillee Area.  The place where we will stay only has internet in the lobby, so I'll see if I can get on to post a blog.