Monday, August 2, 2010

Today was a work day for me.  I reviewed my Scripture project.  Made some changes and finalized both the video and reflection part. Backed up all my work on different flash drives. Also, thought of how to package the program.  I have a few different ideas.  But will have to wait until I get home to finalize those areas.  Hopefully at the first Spiritual Life Meeting when I get back, I'll preview the program.  This really took up most of the day.  I did go to a Coffee Shop down the Street.  That's really the name of the cafe.  I keep forgetting about the Jewish Eating Rules.  If you have dairy products, you can't have any meat.  If you have meat, you can't have any dairy.  You really can't mix much of anything. All clothes have to be of the same fabric.  In other words, no blends like cotton & polyester.  Anyways, the Cafe has meals such as salads, fish, deserts, eggs, deserts.  The food was very good & I'll be back.  I'm going to start on a student's version of my program right now.