Monday, June 28, 2010

Had problems with the internet service here, so I am a little late in posting on the Blog. We had a class at a Russian Orthodox Church up the road from us. We all walked there. The Rector gave the talk on the Churches of Jerusalem in particular the Orthodox. It was interesting to see the comparisons of the Catholic and Protestant Churches in America to these. Then this afternoon, I took three others, who heard of my trip to Bethany, back to Bethany. The bus stop is not marked very well, but all the Palestinians on the bus, helped us to get off at the right place. We had lunch and had something comparable to an Arab “Subway”. Very good. It is wonderful at the tomb of Lazarus. The three were amazed how peaceful the site was in comparison to other sites that we had visited. And how much was there. There wasn’t any rush but it took over two hours to get back. Scripture says that Jesus walked to Bethany. He probably made it faster than we did because of the traffic congestion, construction and checkpoint. Here are some pictures of Lazarus’ tomb.  The first one is the entrance to the tomb. The second is the tomb.