Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today is Sunday, so we are taking it easy.  Three of us went to St. Catherine's Church in Bethlehem for Mass.  After that we walked to The Milk Grotto for a visit.  I had been there before but I didn't ever see the new Church that is behind the cave grotto.  It is very beautiful. They also have a panorama of Bethlehem from their back door. Coming back, you have to go through the New Wall & Checkpoint.  Usually U. S. Citizens can just walk through.  Today, they wanted to see the stamp from the Airport.  Something must be going on to have more security.  This afternoon, a few of us are going to Mount Zion area to spend the afternoon. If you have ever watched the Mass on Christmas Eve from Bethlehem, the first picture is the statue that is carried in procession.  The second is from the New Milk Grotto Church.  The stain glass window depicts Jesus in red carrying his cross and the eclipse of the sun when He died.