Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today is a day of saying goodbyes to people as they leave Tantur. They are either leaving by taxi or sherut (a shared van that picks up or delivers 10 people to or from the airport).  The Sheruts have a good system.  You tell them when your flight leaves and they tell you when you will be picked up.  They are very reliable and very nice.  So today, I went with a small group that is still here to have Mass at the Church of St. Anne - the mother of Mary.  This was Joachim's and Anne's home and Mary was born here.  A Priest received a new assignment while here & it is the Shrine of St. Anne in Scranton, PA.  He arranged a Mass time to end his time here and start his new time in his new assignment. Five of us went along.  The Church was built by the Crusaders, so it is quite old. Tonight, I have to vacate my room, so I'm starting to pack and get ready to move.  Here are some pictures of the Church.  The first one is the statue of St. Anne & Mary. The second is part of the cave/home that Anne & Joachim lived.