Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Had a quiet day. Spent some of the day working on my Scripture Project again.  Once again realized that I did not have the right photos for the segment that I'm working on.  So off I went to take the right photos.  You would think that with all the ones that I have taken, that I would have enough.  Good thing that I can just walk out and take some more.  I guess it's also a good thing that I can start & finish here and get everything that I need. This evening I went to the Pontifical Biblical Institute for evening Mass. I met Fr. Mark from Nigeria for dinner afterwards.  I met him through Tantur.  He was on a program from the University of Maryland that was at Tantur for 10 days.  He also stayed over.  But he is really studying.  Right now he is studying Hebrew in an intensive program where else but Hebrew University.  He will finish in early September and goes back to teach at a Seminary in Nigeria. Here are a few pictures of today's journey.  These are from the 3rd Station.  There is a small chapel with this statue of Jesus falling the first time.  The second photo is of a closeup of the backgound of the same hsot.