Friday, July 16, 2010

Tonight begins the Sabbath.  Once again everything calms down.  Most everything is closed and people are at home celebrating the evening meal together.  Today as I was I out, I saw Hebrew University from a distance.  The Rector at Tantur had mentioned that they had a cross on top of their tower.  Sure enough.  I guess it's a radio tower or something like that.  You would think that they would see that it's a cross and have it changed.  Also I don't think that I showed how the walls of Jerusalem are constructed.  They are built right into the stones that stick out of the ground.  They all become one piece of construction.  The walls, that are around Jerusalem now, were built in the 1600's.  They are constantly repairing them.  Right now there is a big reconstruction effort at the Jaffa Gate.  The pictures are of the tower from a distance and the wall.