Saturday, July 17, 2010

Since today is Sabbath, I decided to just relax a little bit.  But I did go out for awhile.  Almost everything is closed on my street and surrounding areas.  It is very relaxed in an eerie sort of way.  Becasue where there is conjestion, there is nothing.  Where sidewalks are full of people, there are just a few. But it was nice.  I went to the Russian Orthodox Church of the Judgement Gate.  Jesus went through this gate out of the city on the way to Golgotha.  They say next to this gate is the "eye of the needle".  That's the gate that Jesus talked about as being so hard to enter.  For some it will be this difficult for them to get into the Kingdom.  They also have some of the old wall at the time of Christ.  The pictures are of these two things.  Tonight, I have Mass at the Pontifical Biblical Institute.