Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today I went to Tel Aviv.  Tel Aviv is the largest city in Israel.  It's right on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is so different from Jerusalem.  It is calm.  It has a lot of traffic but not the craziness here.  There is an older section of town, Joppa or Yafo.  This where Jonah set sail from trying to escape doing what God wanted.  He didn't get very far and was returned by the whale.  Didn't see any whales but it was beautiful city.  It took about a hour by bus from Jerusalem.  Coming back from the Bus Station, it took about an hour including waiting for the bus and the traffic.  Tomorrow is Friday and thta means getting ready for the Sabbath.  So it is even busier in the city.  The pictures are of some of the buildings of Tel Aviv.