Friday, July 9, 2010

Almost forgot to enter my blog.  I was busy doing all kind of things today.  I have spent a lot of time doing my Introductory to Scripture Series.  But I also went out and did something new for me. I went to the Mahane Yehuda.  It is a city block long and 2 streets wide of booths selling fruits, vegetables, meats, fish baked goods, etc.  Today is a special day since more people than usual are there because they are getting ready to celebrate Sabbath (every Friday from Sundown to Saturday at Sundown) with a special meal.  And then on Saturday, no cooking of anything, everything has to be done before Sabbath. Many take it so serious that they don't even boil water.  They use large coffee urns to keep the water hot from Friday.  It was amazing how many people were at the market and buying all fresh items.  It is dark now and very quiet in Jerusalem.  No buses run.  Hardly any traffic tonight.  Stores are closed.  They have worked out a system though.  Friday is the Islam Sabbath, Jews on Saturday, Christians on Sunday. So some places are open if needed.  There is a Church 5 minute walk away from me that has an english mass, the Pontifical Biblical Institute.  Went there this evening.  Also, the Family of the soldier that is hostage, has set up their vigil at Benjamin Netanyahu's residence. They even keep Sabbath right there.  The third picture shows the table set for them right on the sidewalk. You can also see a picture of the hostage, taken 4 years ago. The other pictures show the open air market at Mahane Yehuda.