Monday, July 5, 2010

School is finished and today I just walked around. I really covered a lot of ground. I played "Palm Sunday". Took a bus to the Mount of Olives and walked to Bethpage where the Jesus' Procession started and followed it all the way through the Kidron Valley up to the Temple Mount. At the Western Wall, it must have been International Bar Mitzvah Day.  There were Hundreds and Hundreds of people there.  Processions bringing in the Young Boys for their big event.  There were White Umbrellas lining the women's side and the back so the mothers and other women relatives could still watch.  They are not allowed in the Men's section. They were throwing candy when they arrived to their site with the Torah.  Then it was all professionally videotaped with the candidate microphoned to the video camera.  The picture shows one young boy with the Torah inside a beautiful Silver Container.  What a special day for them. Then I just walked around the rest of the day. Left at 8:00 AM & came back at 7:30 PM. Hope all had a good 4th of July. We had fireworks, but we have fireworks almost everynight. The Arabs love to set them off at any celebration, weddings, birthdays, whatever. The first picture is of the inside of the Church at Bethpage and the second is the Bar Mitzvah. See the women on the other side of the fence.