Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm back from Petra. What a place. It is One of the New Seven Wonders of the World. And I can see why! Petra means Rock. The City is carved into this canyon. You might remember it from the second Indiana Jones Movie. Where he rides his horse through the canyon and comes upon the Treasury. It was hidden for ceturies until discovered in the 1800's. We walked through the border and joined a tour but went out on our own after arriving at Petra and was able to walk to all the sites before it was time to get back on the bus. The border closes at 8:00 PM. So it was a very full day. On Saturday, we went snorkeling in the Red Sea. Beautiful coral reefs teeming with fish. And then we came back very tired. Rested up on the 4th of July and wrote this part of my blog.
To see the pictures, click on the picture. Then there is a cartoon bubble at the bottom left where you can see the titles, click there. Click on the triangle or the II to play. Hit F11 for full screen, arrows for forward and back. Hope you enjoy. The pictures don't do Petra credit.