Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is the Sabbath and it is still very quiet. Adult children come home for the evening and the day.  There is a lot of family time. But on Sunday the work day begins and traffic is back to normal.  I walked around today trying to figure out the bus system while there wasn't much traffic.  You can go any where in Israel on a bus.  You just have to figure out on how to do that.  It is very difficult to find a map with bus routes.  I have figured out a few routes.  Tomorrow, I'll work harder on it.  Even though it's the Sabbath, the Old City was full of people.  I think that they were mostly Arabs. This evening I'm going to Ben Yehuda Street.  They say it comes alive when Sabbath ends.  I'll find out.  The first picture is of a Wedding Car going through the narrow streets.  Perhaps picking up the Bride for her wedding.  The second is a shop in the market section of the Old City. Want some Sheep Heads or Hooves or stomach (tripe) for supper?