Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today, I went back to Bethlehem.  I went to the Nativity Church but the crowd was so large, I went to the Catholic Church, St. Catherine.  But it was packed.  Tuesday must be the day that the tours go to Bethlehem.  So I went to the Peace Center of Bethlehem.  One of the exhibits is a collection of Crib Scenes from around the world.  All are quite unique and handmade.  Then I decided to walk up Pope Paul VI Street and try to find the Local's market.  It also was packed.  Mostly local women buying food and other stuffs.  And the men yelling their products.  It was crazy.  I loved the butcher shops, everything just hanging out in the open.  This morning and evening, I started in earnest on my Intorductory to Scripture Series. There are still a few loose ends but I made progress on the first lesson.  Tomorrow I will not have an entry because I am moving to my apartment from School.  So I will be packing and moving my stuff to 18 Aza Street in Jerusalem. And then unpacking and setting up my new quarters.  It is in a very nice neighborhood and close to the old city.  When I get situated, I'll resume the blog.