Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm settling in at my apartment.  It's on a busy street but I'm in the back so I don't hear the street noise.  It's in a very nice neighborhood.  Four years ago, a young soldier was captured by Hamas.  His family has been trying to get the government to get him back.  Now there has been a 12 day march from his parent's home to the Prime Minister's Home. I didn't know what was in the gaurded area that I kept walking by.  Well I must be two blocks from the Prime Minister's home because the soldiers have tripled in number and more barriers have been put up.  Apparently the parents are going  camp out in front of the home for awhile.  Should be interesting. I know that I am close to the USA Consulate and the French Consulate on the next street.  So this must be a beter neighborhood than I thought.  I went to the Old City and the Jewish Quarter.  It's fun to sit and watch people.  There were more Bar Mitzvahs at the Wall.  Utter Chaos, but I guess they like it that way.  Had the best Falafel for lunch.  Have to remember the spot.  Went to the Holy Sepulcher for evening prayer.  It was really nice today,  not so many people there this evening.  I'm going to work on my scripture study, this evening.  In the first picture. notice the women behind the wall. They are not allowed in with men, so they stand on chairs looking over the fence.